Exchanges and Cooperation of Sanming Research Station of Forest Ecosystem and Global Change, Fujian

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   The station has intensive academic exchange and cooperation with institutes and universities home and abroad.


1Exchange in Soil Warming Techniques


                                       Dr. Francis Bowles, USA, provided guidance on soil warming techniques

(2)International Exchanges


              Prof. Yiqi Luo                                    Prof. David Eissenstat                               Prof.Zhihong Xu

                (University of Oklahoma)               (Pennsylvania state university)                  (Griffith university)


                 Prof. Mary Arthur                           Prof.Lawrance Walker                          Prof. Yaoqi Zhang

         (University of Kentucky)                    (University of Nevada)                      (Auburn university)  


              Prof. Murray Davis                                  Prof. Mark Dailey               Scientists from Africa and Mideast

                        (Scion)                                (Green Mountain University)


                Prof. John Freney                                  Dr. Peter Clinton                                Dr. Aaron Shiels

                    (CSIRO)                                              (Scion)                                               (USDA)


                     Field station researchers visit University of Kentucky and Hubbard Brook Ecological Station


         Prof. Guangshui Chen as a visiting             Assistant Researcher Zhijie Yang pursues                    Lecturer Wang Jian study

       scholar at the University of Aberdeen          a Doctoral Degree at University of Kentucky                      at Griffith university   


      Prof. Yunfeng Yin as a visiting scholar              Associate Professor Cheng Yu as a                Associate Professor JianfenGuo as

         at University of Western Australia                  visiting scholar at Auburn University        a visiting scholar at University of Oklahoma

(3)Cooperation across Taiwan Straits 


           Prof. Tengchiu Lin                               Prof. Mingkuang Wang                Associate Prof. Zhichuan Huang

         (Taiwan Normal University)                            (Taiwan University)                                (Taiwan University) 


                 Prof.Tzeying Chen                       Dr.Junxian Wu and Caihui Chen                          Dr. Chaoqin Lin

             (Taiwan Ilan University)                  (Taiwan Forestry Research Institute)         (Taiwan Forestry Research Institute)


                Mr. Weisheng Lin and Chao Xu visit Taiwan Normal University         Prof. Zhiqun Huang and Prof. Guangshui Chen

                                  and Taiwan Forestry Research Institute                                             visit the field station in Taiwan 

(4)Cooperation and Exchanges at Home


             Prof. Shidong Zhao                               Prof. Chuying Chen                               Prof. Silong Wang

                     (IGSNRR, CAS)                                           (IAE, CAS)                                            (IAE, CAS)


                   Prof. Zucong Cai                                       Prof. Dali Guo                                      Prof. Yunting Fang

           (Nanjing Normal University)                              (IGSNRR, CAS)                                          (IAE, CAS)



                                                         Workshop on Root Ecology-from Gene to Biosphere

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